AeroDR™ 43x43

AeroDR™ 43x43

This flat panel detector in the 43x43 cm format is ideally designed for examinations performed in the X-ray room. The major benefit of this square format is that it allows us to rid ourselves of the rotations from the portrait position to the landscape position when going over to examinations of the breast or abdomen.


 Type of detection

 Wireless flat panel detector

 Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)



 Csl (Caesium iodide)


 384 x 460 x 15 mm


 3.6 kg

 Pixel size


 Size of the image

 2428 x 2428 pixels



 Image preview

 2 sec

 Exposure interval (cycle time)

 About 8 sec

 Battery type

 Capacitor (included)

 Complete charge time

 30 min

 Number of images at full charge

 220 images


responsive Frame

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