Virtua™ disc publisher

Virtua™ disc publisher

The CODONICS Virtua XR™ is the ideal, user-friendly system for the streaming of the images on CD or DVD medium.

The design of the Virtua XR™ includes a touch-screen fitted with an intuitive and user-friendly interface and comes with a microprocessor for the receipt and robotic management of the examinations, the burnt discs and the prints.

This efficient system is specifically adapted to multi-modality environments with high productivity and is designed to process large image volumes.


  • Automatic or manual burning of the examinations
  • Allows burning on CD or DVD
  • Web interface accessible from any PC present on the network
  • Dicom viewer integrated on the discs
  • HL7 and Dicom SR allowing to include the reports of the examinations
  • Dicom Query-Retrieve to repatriate the examinations from the Pacs system
  • History of the discs burnt
  • Touch-sensitive, intuitive interface and available in several languages
  • Compact and efficient design
  • High-quality and customisable colour label printing


  • Includes 2 stackers with a capacity of 50 discs
  • Collection crate with a capacity of 25 discs
  • Includes 2 CD/DVD burners
  • Label printing technology: inkjet
  • Printing resolution: 4800 dpi
  • Speed: 60 CDs/hour or 30 DVDs/hour
  • Hard disc of 40 GB for storage of the examinations
  • DicomStore SCP and Dicom Query/Retrieve Protocol
  • Accepts up to 24 simultaneous connections
  • Sizes (L x W x H): 67,8 x 48,7 x 67,8 cm
  • Weight:  28 kg


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