AeroDR X30™

AeroDR X30™


As the AeroDR™ detectors are wireless and among the lightest of their category, it is really easy to position the detector to perform mobile examinations. In case of use in hospital emergency departments, the tightness of the detectors prevents the bodily fluids from flowing into the detector.

This also it makes the detectors easier to clean after use.


Precision & Speed

The AeroDR X30™ is fully motorised and very easy to handle.

Both the independent engines and  its large wheels make the AeroDR X30™ extremely suitable for use in confined spaces.

A light pressure on the driving handle puts the system in motion (up to 5 km/h), even on slopes.

Sensors located in the front bumpers automatically stop the system when a light pressure is detected. Additional controls on the tubular handles allow easy positioning at the patient’s bedside.


Automatic charging

The AeroDR™ detector can be easily stored and charged simultaneously in the crate, even while driving. The unique Lithium-Ion capacitor technology of the AeroDR™ detectors allows charging anyywhere at any time without loss of efficiency.


Full integration

The CS-7 acquisition software program displayed on a 17“ touch screen not only delivers excellent images, but also allows users to control the generator by sending predefined exposure parameters for each examination.

After the exposure, the CS-7 program transmits the parameters of the used X-rays simultaneously with the patient dose.


Powerful & robust

A broad selection of 20, 32, 40 or 50 kW generators is available.

The AeroDR X30™ can be combined with all the Konica Minolta detectors available in different sizes: 24 x 30 / 36 x 43 / 43 x 43 cm.

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