AeroDR™ 36x43

AeroDR™ 36x43

This flat panel detector in the 36x43 cm format is ideally designed for conventional X-ray examinations.

It can be used on X-ray tables to perform routine examinations or with a mobile X-ray device to allow examinations at the patient’s bedside.



 Type of detection

 Wireless flat panel detector

 Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)



 Csl (Caesium iodide)


 384 x 460 x 15 mm


 2.6 kg

 Pixel size


 Size of the image

 1994 x 2430 pixels



 Image preview

 2 sec

 Exposure interval (cycle time)

 About 6 sec

 Battery type

 Capacitor (included)

 Complete charge time

 30 min

 Number of images at full charge

 380 images


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