Regius 110HQ™

Regius 110HQ™

The Regius™ 110HQ system belongs to the latest generation of CR systems, ever more sophisticated and ever more user-friendly. 

The Regius™ 110HQ is an efficient reader, able to process up to 80 cassettes per hour and offers reading modes in standard resolution, (175µm) high resolution, (87.5µm) and very high resolution (43.75µm)

Equipped with a cleaning and maintenance tool of the optical unit and easy access to the inside of the system, the Regius™ 110HQ offers to the user the opportunity to easily perform maintenance operations.

The Regius™ 110HQ, is user-friendly thanks to its adapted height. It is equipped with an interchangeable control panel and screen allowing optimum integration into the workplace.

The cassettes used with the digitisation unit are made up of rigid phosphor screens, ensuring development without mechanical contact between the reader and the screen, which also increases the service life.



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