AeroDR X10™

AeroDR X10™

Compact & Light

The AeroDR X10™ device is equipped with a new AeroNAV™ acquisition and post-treatment software program. This new interface is very intuitive and adaptable to all users. The monitor can be oriented on two axis for an improved flexibility. It is easily adjustable in height and easily transportable thanks to its retractable column. A light collimator and optional laser indicator of the distance between source and receiver allow an even quicker and more accurate positioning of the patient.


Quick & Flexible

The AeroDR X10™ is space-saving thanks to its configuration.

As the wireless AeroDR™ detectors are among the lightest of their category, it is easy to position the detector to perform mobile examinations. In case of use in hospital emergency departments, the tightness of the detectors prevents bodily fluids from flowing into the detector.

This also makes the detectors easier to clean after use.

The wireless communication is not limited to the communication between the sensor and the acquisition console, it also allows communication with the network of the premises (RIS/PACS) a view for quicker operation and wireless connection.


Quality & Robustness

The AeroDR X10™ can be combined with all the Konica Minolta detectors available in different sizes: 24 x 30 / 36 x 43 / 43 x 43 cm in order to reach a resolution of 100µm.

The new design of the AeroDR HD™ detector, in pressed magnesium, allows in its 36x43 cm format to withstand a pressure of 300kg over its whole surface.


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