In order to offer innovative solutions, Dyma Medical is extending its range by introducing a new generation of digital radiology mobiles developed by Solutions For Tomorrow and incorporating revolutionary battery technology.


In order to optimize the performance of bedside examinations while guaranteeing you a sustainable solution, Dyma Medical is introducing the digital motorized mobile M1™ on the market. Featuring a revolutionary new battery technology with ultra-fast charging and high performance guarantee, this new generation of mobile offers much better performance than conventional batteries on the market.



With its small footprint, SFT has developed a handy and lightweight radiology device for greater ease of use. The mobile's rotating and telescopic column and arms M1™ improve visibility and safety when travelling and offer ideal ease of use for manoeuvring in confined spaces.    



SFT has developed a revolutionary X-tech cell® battery technology, specially designed for the mobile M1™

These durable batteries offer superior performance compared to traditional systems, thanks in particular to a significantly reduced charging time for a long service life.

The LED indicator technology in the column indicates the status of the system at all times.

The M1™ can simultaneously combine sensors of different sizes: 24x30 cm / 36x43 cm / 43x43 cm.



The design and layout of the M1™ allows for quick and easy cleaning to avoid any risk of spreading infections.

Practical and easily accessible storage spaces will be particularly appreciated by users.

The storage compartments of the flat plate collectors also ensure their loading, even during the movement of the mobile.


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