AeroDR X60™

AeroDR X60™

The AeroDR X60™ is a polyvalent and compact X-ray room specifically adapted to confined spaces. 

Made up of a stand and a table with floating tray, the AeroDR X60™ does not need ceiling suspension and is equipped with an X-ray tube column allowing ground travel. Available for CR and DR applications, the AeroDR X60™ is a flexible solution allowing users to perform a broad range of examinations with remarkable productivity, user-friendliness and image quality.

It is compatible with the AeroDR™ detector and can be dedicated or shared between the table and the stand and can also be used in portable mode to perform examinations at the patient’s bedside.


  • Ground travel of the X-ray tube column, requiring no ceiling suspension
  • Bucky drawer system for CR & DR applications
  • Table with floating tray for easier positioning of the patient
  • The stand and X-ray tube column are adjustable in height to allow the performance of a large number of examinations
  • Synchronisation of the travels of the tube with respect to the table and the stand
  • Generator integrated in the table pedestal in order to reduce congestion in the examination room
  • Adapted to the AeroDR flat panel detector technology
  • Removable flat panel and sharing between the table and the stand
  • Simplified, robust and efficient technology ensures reduced maintenance expenses

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